January 27, 2014

welcome back kid

REMEMBER THAT TIME I was a style blogger and then didn't post for a year? Damn. That did happen. But what really happened is that I moved to Colombia and saved children from a burning building... and then a drowning school bus... and then.... Naw, what really happened is that I legit project managed a campaign and my time/attention/energy/will-to-blog was zapped.

But now, the kid is back. Welcome.


January 8, 2013

jakenna + nike

When all is said and done, we have a lot of living to do. I think it's natural for mid-twenty-somethings to go through mini-mid-twenties-something crises and start with questions. Am I doing the right thing? Is this how I imagined my life to be at this point? Am I working at the right job? Am I happy? Is there enough champagne in my mimosa? But I had a moment during this Nike shoot. I was standing on top of my rooftop, the Manhattan skyline was glimmering in the distance and a crew of the dopest Nike folks in the world worked around me as a photographer snapped pics. Of me? This little mid-western girl. And I realized that I'm making some pretty awesome life decisions. No need for a mid-twenties-something crisis here. I've got plenty of champagne in my mimosa. And lots to celebrate :) Thanks to everyone who made this day as awesome at it was.


January 5, 2013

brrrr: vintage sweater + broach

Peek-a-boo. I see you argyle socks and vintage broach :) It's chilly, but you keep me warm.

Remember when I said I was excited to start blogging again? Allll the way back in my last post? I think I'm most excited about the NIke photos about to launch in a few days... Whaaaa did she say Nike? Hells yeah, I did. Hells yeah. Stay tuned.

Vintage Teal Sweater & Broach
Ralph Lauren Argyle Socks

December 18, 2012

pink leather: urban outfitters jacket + american apparel top and jeans

Friends. It has been too long. So much has happened these last few months! I moved to Brooklyn (like JayZ is practically my neighbor), I started a new job at The Estee Lauder Companies (beauty products as far as the eye can see!), I went to Peru for two weeks (photos to come!) and most recently, realized that this pearl necklace was actually put on this Earth for me to wear every day. Hizah!

September 25, 2012

pop ice cream: pinky otto polka dot dress

WHEN YOU'RE SURROUNDED by ice cream you can't eat, several thoughts run through your head: Who am I? Do I have the self control to not lick the snozzberries?

But most importantly, what do I wear? I think this super sweet Pinky Otto polka dot dress (w/ adorbs lace collar!) does the trick. And! Thanks to a delicious summer sale, I bought this dress... for free. Yummy, yummy in my tummy :)


September 14, 2012

the designers who got the most social media buzz during new york fashion week

CURIOSITY LEADS TO fun times. My coworker, Amy Gershkoff (aka analytics GENIUS) and I thought: So... everyone is using social media. But which designers are using it well, connecting with their fans and actually gaining traction? We followed 30 designers, analyzed their activity, created a super cute infographic and seeded the piece in Business Insider. Doesn't it feel good when professional and personal lives collide in the best possible way? YES!

August 31, 2012

stylelist + jakenna changing: 1 turtleneck, 6 looks

IS IT CHEESY to say that I almost teared up while reading and clicking through my Stylelist featureChristina Anderson, the Fashion Editor, writes beautifully and somehow makes me sound... well, like me. Or the me I hope to live up to someday :) And Raydene Salinas takes the most stellar pictures. Thank you both so much, for a fun- and fashion-filled day!

Full Feature: 6 Ways A Turtleneck Crop Top Can Take Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall


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