June 27, 2011

it's the colors that get me: yumi kim blazer & maxi

SOMETIMES, WHEN YOU know, you know. I walked into the Yumi Kim flagship store in the LES and my mouth dropped. To the floor. 

Oh, hello there. Why aren’t you a perfectly sculpted maxi dress with an ohmygod color combination. The print is Pucci-esq, but this price tag doesn't cause my hand to momentarily pause (just for a second) as I hand over my credit card. #lifechoices
I tend to stray from too-girly (the tomboy in me actively shrivels), so I boy’d it with these suede boots. The chains jingle when I walk. Because they were made for walkin'.
Maxi dresses make me wanna frolic. Especially this crazy print and this muted tone. Aaaand now I'm lusting.

And The Skull says HI. Isn't she key-uuute?

Maxi Dress + Blazer: Yumi Kim
Suede Boots: BCBG
Purse: Vintage! Dooney & Burke
Belt: Vintage! Christian Dior
The Skull: TopShop

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