June 17, 2011

won't you come in?

I like to imagine them living a life when I'm not there. The combats def run the show, but he's stuck in a love triangle with the espadrilles and nude peep toe pumps. Ish gets drah-matic. Probably.

INSTAGRAM MAKES ME think I'm a good photographer (which I totally am)(damn, it did it again). You too, huh?

Anywayyyy, here are a few snippets from my personal space. I thought it'd be nice to introduce you to a few of my fav-o-rite things. Sort of like, "Hey, I'm going to talk about clothes/jewelry/skulls/otherawesomethings on this blog and here's a sneakpeak of what's to come, yay!"

Fun Fact! I'm writing this as Florence belts out her cosmic love. And now I am too. And now you are too. IM ALWAYS IN THIS TWILIGHT OOOO WOO OOOOOO WOOO OOOO OOOOAAAAAHHHH #notmydayjob


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