July 29, 2011

back in the day when i was young: jakenna + carly + janet jackson

I KNOW, I KNOW. I'm so key-uuuuute. Look at those cheeks! Don't you wanna just pinch 'em!?

I've known Carly Sartwell since 2nd grade. A time when "Will you be my girlfriend? Yes, No, Maybe?" was the norm/we swapped boyfriends every 2 weeks--ahahhahahahahaaa--and when the most important things were drinking chocolate milk for lunch and giggling at the silliness of adulthood.
Driving? Bills? NO THANKS.
Did you watch Are You Afraid of the Dark last night? I know dude, fuck that scary ass clown.

So, when Carly posted this pic to Facebook today, I teared up a bit. So reminiscent of youth, of long-lasting friendships and of utter devotion to It's.Janet.Miss.Jackson.If.You're.Nasty. Ah, takes me back :-)


July 28, 2011

summer blacks: jeffrey campbell and pixie market

I KEEP FINDING myself lusting after black heels/flats to combo with my girly, floral summer clothes.

Thanks to a frigidly cold NYC winter, I have more than enough boots/booties, but a solid pair of heels with traditional summer textures and features, like weaving and cutouts, paired with a non-traditional summer color (ah, love black) is quickly becoming a must in my.world.of.style. 

Per usual Jeffrey Campbell and Pixie Market have come to my rescue. Now comes the choice... but which one!?


July 26, 2011

every nerd has her day: star wars/darth vader printed tee + topshop body-con skirt

#NERDALERT. But you love Star Wars and don't pretend like you don't. I know I'm not the only one who bunned my hair like Princess Leia and you've seen Natalie Portman in the new old Episodes! Enough.Said.

July 22, 2011

nighttime florals: jack for bb dakota cahill dress + topshop booties

YOU MIGHT HAVE noticed my slight obsession with florals. But I swear, THIS ONE, is my favorite. Daytime ➤➤ Nighttime transition? YES! Cutout back for much-needed-ventilation-jesus-NYC-is-sooooo-hot? YOU BETCHA!

July 21, 2011

the new fall 2011 campaign: sasha pivovarova for giorgio armani

THE NEW FALL 2011 Giorgio Armani campaign will feature an ice blonde, red-lipped, glammed out Sasha Pivovarova. I wonder how curly hair would look blonde... does peroxide burn?

The campaign, shot by Mert & Marcus, will run in the upcoming Vogue September Issue. Which is rumored to have newlywed Kate Moss on the cover! A model? On the cover of Vogue US? GASP! #enoughwiththeactressesalready

Stay cool in this heat NYC :-)


July 20, 2011

we're on a boat, yes we are: stripes + sperry

I THINK MY Sperrys look like cute, little, platinum mouses. I haven't named them yet, but I'm leaning towards Karl & Blake. Or Hedi & Seal. #decisionsdecisions

Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT have to be on a boat/wear croakies or nantucket red shorts/summer in the vinyard to wear boat shoes. You should; however, have incredible fashion taste and ironically pair them with nautical stripes :-)

July 19, 2011

summer bights: zara sweeties in primary

Happy Tuesday! IMO, the productivity of your week heavily relies on the brightening up of Tuesdays—because really, they're just the day after Monday and still a looooong ways away from the weekend—for example, I like to shop on Tuesdays :-)

I'm currently deciding which of these Zara Sweeties should be my new crossbody bag. I like the bold, fresh, primary colors of each, and even though the fall campaigns are out in full force, I'm not ready to switch over yet. It's JULY! That means it's still SUMMER. And that means, I still get to play with bright, BRIGHTS.

I'm leaning towards the simplicity of the blue, but the soft triangle buckle on the red is very alluring. And the yellow reminds me of dandelions in summer. And that reminds me of home. #midwest

Help! Any tips? Have you found other beauties you'd like to share?

Zara Crossbody Bags:

July 18, 2011

she could be a basketball player in those clothes: white zara tank + harem pants

DID EVERYONE GET the above Clueless reference? If not, that's cool too. SMH...

These, ladies and gentleman, are my very first pair of harem pants. #Finally!
The combo of white tank + all-American blue baggy pants reminded me of basketball, which semi-embarrassingly made me feel cooler. Like, I'd get mad respect yo. On the court, or whatever.

It also reminded me of this Sartorialist Post linking men's fashion on the bball court to men's fashion on the runway. *You mean the jocks and the gays can be friends!? HOORAH!

More harems here and here and gee golly, here!

Sidebar: Did you know harem pants originated in India and are traditionally worn with a pleated skirt covering the top portion. Me neither! And we learned something today :-)

Harem Pants: Pixie Market
White Tank + Purse: Zara
Shoes: TopShop
Necklaces: Aldo

*No one from the LGBT community was offended during the authoring of this post. Seriously, I love you gays, errr guys.

July 15, 2011

hippie + cowgirl = hipgirl: urban outfitters lace dress

This is the closest I will ever get to a fringe-ish dress and ya know what, I love this thing.
It kind of reminds me of a vintage wedding dress.  
I could see my ma gettin' hitched in this here dress, yessir.
Oops, digressed to COWGIRL... I'll keep it HIP from here on out.
Mhhmmm, sure will. Dangit.

July 14, 2011

lara stone covers vogue paris. swoon.

OH LARA STONE. You've covered Vogue Paris 7 times in 4 years. If I wasn't so turned on, I'd be impressed. JK. I AM impressed. And still turned on.

But I love the 60's influence of this cover. And the full length image + beach + all black attire + retro machines is oddly inspiring. Blending modern and hip with vintage and cooooool. I like it.

July 13, 2011

it's just the sheerness of you: cheap monday skirt + topshop shoes

THE LEATHER JACKET kind of negated the breeziness and therefore cooling effect of the skirt, but no one ever said fashion was comfortable all of the time. I mean really, what's the fun in fashion worth without the pleasure of pain?
No? That's just me then... #awkward

July 12, 2011

but nothing to wear?

I STARED AT my closet for 30 minutes this morning. 30 MINUTES.

Normally, I build my outfit around whatever lucky item jumps out at me first. I find it quicker that way. Otherwise, the aforementioned staring occurs and I'm late for work. But, I mean, I was there on time, kind of, today, though, so it's not a big deal or anything.

So, what to wear on those days when it seems like your closet has eaten all yo clotheses? Iono. But to aid in the process of choosing, I recommend finding staples/neutrals and working from there. Por ejemplo, JaKenna-in-the-morning would find her trusty American Apparel Chiffon Button-Up, a white tank and run from there. Hopefully with pants on. Hopefully. Wait, what time is it?

Nevermind, here are a few summer staples to help you get the ef out the door:
You might ask: I notice lots of brights in there, how can those colors be staples? 
BECAUSE you have an ADVENTUROUS SOUL and secretly love DRAPING YOURSELF in brights. That's why. Put these on and go!

Sidenote: Said outfit can also be used in case of the oh-ish-im-hungover-and-late-for-work scenarios. Works like a charm.

Dresses via TopShop: 

Shoes via ASOS:

Accessories via ShopBop

July 11, 2011

July 8, 2011

floral dreaming: 80%20 platfroms + jack for bb dakota dresses

Upon returning home from DC, my mailbox was bursting with fun stuff :-)

Summer = BBQ's on rooftops+music in Brooklyn+outdoor movies at the park. 
Hell yeah baby. Thanks Jack for BB Dakota for these beautiful lovelies.
Oh and I will be living in these wedges. LIVING.

Floral Dresses: Jack for BB Dakota
Striped Wedges: 80%20

July 7, 2011

inspiration board: joan smalls + alexander wang

Giambatistta Valli Fall 2011 Couture

After perusing the latest collections shows on Vogue.com (check 'em, you won't be disappointed!), one model continued to stand out to me. Joan.Smalls. Striking? Obviously. But jeez loueeeez, #girlcrush #forreals

July 6, 2011

romper season: yumi kim romper + michael kors platforms


IT TAKES TRYING on hundreds of rompers before finding THE ONE. I can't imagine why… although I'd hazard a guess its because my-thighs-are-ahem-large-I-guess-running-track-for-15-years-will-do-that-to-you. Sigh. But Yumi Kim solved that with her gorgeous and flattering jumpers. Yay!

July 5, 2011

it's so sexy, living in america

BUT WHAT TO wear! Finally decided on jeans and a striped cropped shirt for my patriotic garb and off to my first ever DC 4th of July celebration!

July 3, 2011

jakenna on the weekly: 6.26/7.2

train ride, yonkers → nyc
glenfiddich, 12yr.
shoelove w/@stotto
firetruck battle
santigold, alexander wang
friday night
sunset, riverpark
weep willow

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