July 5, 2011

it's so sexy, living in america

BUT WHAT TO wear! Finally decided on jeans and a striped cropped shirt for my patriotic garb and off to my first ever DC 4th of July celebration!

What did youuuuu wear to celebrate?

And equally as important, did you play this song whilst celebrating?
 If not, that's too bad, really. You'll be listening to this #onrepeat for the rest of the summer. TRUST.

Aaaand Happy 4th of July! Watch some fireworks!

Red Jeans: J Brand
Blue & White Striped Top: TopShop
Shoes: Dolce Vita

Living In America: Dom
Fireworks: Courtesy of @RaunakMunot


  1. Jenny Milne-Carroll7:56 PM

    I am addicted to Dolce Vita shoes!! Great minds...

  2. Haha @Jenny, I totally agree! There was a Rue La La sale and I bought 3 pairs... oops :-)


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