July 29, 2011

back in the day when i was young: jakenna + carly + janet jackson

I KNOW, I KNOW. I'm so key-uuuuute. Look at those cheeks! Don't you wanna just pinch 'em!?

I've known Carly Sartwell since 2nd grade. A time when "Will you be my girlfriend? Yes, No, Maybe?" was the norm/we swapped boyfriends every 2 weeks--ahahhahahahahaaa--and when the most important things were drinking chocolate milk for lunch and giggling at the silliness of adulthood.
Driving? Bills? NO THANKS.
Did you watch Are You Afraid of the Dark last night? I know dude, fuck that scary ass clown.

So, when Carly posted this pic to Facebook today, I teared up a bit. So reminiscent of youth, of long-lasting friendships and of utter devotion to It's.Janet.Miss.Jackson.If.You're.Nasty. Ah, takes me back :-)


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