July 12, 2011

but nothing to wear?

I STARED AT my closet for 30 minutes this morning. 30 MINUTES.

Normally, I build my outfit around whatever lucky item jumps out at me first. I find it quicker that way. Otherwise, the aforementioned staring occurs and I'm late for work. But, I mean, I was there on time, kind of, today, though, so it's not a big deal or anything.

So, what to wear on those days when it seems like your closet has eaten all yo clotheses? Iono. But to aid in the process of choosing, I recommend finding staples/neutrals and working from there. Por ejemplo, JaKenna-in-the-morning would find her trusty American Apparel Chiffon Button-Up, a white tank and run from there. Hopefully with pants on. Hopefully. Wait, what time is it?

Nevermind, here are a few summer staples to help you get the ef out the door:
You might ask: I notice lots of brights in there, how can those colors be staples? 
BECAUSE you have an ADVENTUROUS SOUL and secretly love DRAPING YOURSELF in brights. That's why. Put these on and go!

Sidenote: Said outfit can also be used in case of the oh-ish-im-hungover-and-late-for-work scenarios. Works like a charm.

Dresses via TopShop: 

Shoes via ASOS:

Accessories via ShopBop

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