July 14, 2011

lara stone covers vogue paris. swoon.

OH LARA STONE. You've covered Vogue Paris 7 times in 4 years. If I wasn't so turned on, I'd be impressed. JK. I AM impressed. And still turned on.

But I love the 60's influence of this cover. And the full length image + beach + all black attire + retro machines is oddly inspiring. Blending modern and hip with vintage and cooooool. I like it.

I've had a long time #girlcrush on Lara Stone. It began after reading a Vogue US article about her weight battle. Isn't that news for a model!? 

But hers was more about staying true to her size 4 curves, while rocking editorial runways with skinnybitches. I mean, her boobs are huge though. HUGE. Seeeeeee ▼▼

And the androgyny in her Calvin Klein ads is hauntingly sexy.
God, she's like a chameleon alien. Clearly from another planet and can morph into anything, including a man. Sigh, love her.


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