July 26, 2011

every nerd has her day: star wars/darth vader printed tee + topshop body-con skirt

#NERDALERT. But you love Star Wars and don't pretend like you don't. I know I'm not the only one who bunned my hair like Princess Leia and you've seen Natalie Portman in the new old Episodes! Enough.Said.

It's so hot. I'm melllllting.
This printed-tee was a bday gift, and it feels right to pair Darth Vader with a body-con skirt + combat boots. Why? Because we're BADASSES. I tend to hate printed-tees, but when one comes along that oh-so speaks to my heart, I will do 3 things:

1. Roll up those sleeves
2. Pair with something edgy/studded (because t-shirts are inherently girly/sweet and we all know how I feel about that)
3. Rock that ish.

Big ups to the nerd/geeks/dorks.

Sidebar: @ErikaJanelle deserves a shoutout for being 1. my oldest and bestest friend and 2. for introducing me to Star Wars at the age of 12. #Thanks :-)

Darth Vader Printed Tee: Old Navy
Body-Con Skirt: TopShop
Combat Boots: Steve Madden

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