July 6, 2011

romper season: yumi kim romper + michael kors platforms


IT TAKES TRYING on hundreds of rompers before finding THE ONE. I can't imagine why… although I'd hazard a guess its because my-thighs-are-ahem-large-I-guess-running-track-for-15-years-will-do-that-to-you. Sigh. But Yumi Kim solved that with her gorgeous and flattering jumpers. Yay!

Sidebar: these platforms were my first big-girl shoe purchase :-) Just 2 months after I moved to NYC, I wandered into the Michael Kors SOHO store and there was a sale. Serendipitous really. Countless wears and no regrets. #thatsthewayitshouldbe
Also Medusa necklace is the bombest.

Floral Romper: Yumi Kim
Platforms: Michael Kors
Snakey Coily Medusa Necklace: Vintage!


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