July 18, 2011

she could be a basketball player in those clothes: white zara tank + harem pants

DID EVERYONE GET the above Clueless reference? If not, that's cool too. SMH...

These, ladies and gentleman, are my very first pair of harem pants. #Finally!
The combo of white tank + all-American blue baggy pants reminded me of basketball, which semi-embarrassingly made me feel cooler. Like, I'd get mad respect yo. On the court, or whatever.

It also reminded me of this Sartorialist Post linking men's fashion on the bball court to men's fashion on the runway. *You mean the jocks and the gays can be friends!? HOORAH!

More harems here and here and gee golly, here!

Sidebar: Did you know harem pants originated in India and are traditionally worn with a pleated skirt covering the top portion. Me neither! And we learned something today :-)

Harem Pants: Pixie Market
White Tank + Purse: Zara
Shoes: TopShop
Necklaces: Aldo

*No one from the LGBT community was offended during the authoring of this post. Seriously, I love you gays, errr guys.

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