July 1, 2011

sheer focus: american apprel + lilly pulitzer espadrilles

I USUALLY RESERVE the pink+green color combination for the lovely ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha⎯who rejected my application sophomore year of college, but whatevs, no hard feelings :-)⎯but the soft pink of the pants and the vivid green of the purse really drew me in. Maybe I was channeling Lilly Pulitzer through these shoes...

OH! I have to note that these espadrilles are so damn comfortable! I wore them alllll day and my feet didn't hurt one bit. But don't look too closely... my feet are screaming for a pedi :-( Gah, who has the time!?

And hey there trend alert → colorful pants! Tough choice on which color because American Apparel has a wide selection, but I also considered Truffle and Electric Blue. Speaking of, don't I have an AA Groupon somewhere...

Sheer Top + Summer Peach Pants: American Apparel
Should Bag: Zara
Espadrilles: Lilly Pulitzer 


  1. Great look! Love the pink pants!


  2. Thanks! I checked out your blog too, love your look!


  3. No worries. They were DZ's colors first. In fact, AKA used those color because a DZ helped found them. :)

    Looks great on you!

  4. Ooooh @Erika, so good to know :-) You always know how to brighten my days!


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