July 19, 2011

summer bights: zara sweeties in primary

Happy Tuesday! IMO, the productivity of your week heavily relies on the brightening up of Tuesdays—because really, they're just the day after Monday and still a looooong ways away from the weekend—for example, I like to shop on Tuesdays :-)

I'm currently deciding which of these Zara Sweeties should be my new crossbody bag. I like the bold, fresh, primary colors of each, and even though the fall campaigns are out in full force, I'm not ready to switch over yet. It's JULY! That means it's still SUMMER. And that means, I still get to play with bright, BRIGHTS.

I'm leaning towards the simplicity of the blue, but the soft triangle buckle on the red is very alluring. And the yellow reminds me of dandelions in summer. And that reminds me of home. #midwest

Help! Any tips? Have you found other beauties you'd like to share?

Zara Crossbody Bags:

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