August 31, 2011

keep it simple: j brand red skinnies + ralph lauren white tee

IT'S A JEANS and t-shirt kind of day. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's my mood or maybe it's the ease and comfort of slipping in to a good pair of jeans + a soft tee to set the world right. The tomboy in me is ecstatic! And tomboys are sexy. You know it's true.

Inspiration for today's look:
TomBoy Style - If you like me, you'll like her. But keep me liking me more :-)

Jeans: J Brand
Tee: Ralph Lauren
Sunnies: Ray Bans

August 26, 2011

there's a hurricane a'brewin!

HURRICANES IN NYC? And Earthquakes too? #themayanswereright?

But we can't be bothered with such things now, we've got a hurricane to prepare for. HUNKER DOWN NYC!

If you must venture OUTSIDE:

But you should probably stay in INSIDE:

What other PROVISIONS would you need?

Be safe! 


August 24, 2011

too soon? jcrew double-cloth metro coat in majestic purple

MAJESTIC PURPLE? WHY I must say, you had me at MAJ. Looking forward to Autumn...


August 23, 2011

jeans and tees: j brand red skinny jeans + rebel yell tee

YOU MIGHT BE seeing a lot of these jeans in the coming posts as I seem to have developed an addiction... I can't help it! They add such a bright pop to every outfit and I can.not resist a good pop. Tell me, honestly, WHO CAN RESIST A GOOD POP?

And after enduring some sort of Canadian post office strike, my Chains of Love Ex-Boyfriend necklace finally arrived! Close up pics to come with the next outfit.

Jeans: J Brand
Tee: Rebel Yell
Necklace: Chains of Love

August 22, 2011

jakenna on the weekly: 8.12/8.21

rae and i celebrating birthdays
glitter nailpolish at Sephora
synthesize that beat
new room, new bookshelves
my parents!
breakfast at tiffany's @ brooklyn bridge park
mario world?
governor's island summer friday with the ladies
um, i dont have to tell you how delicious spongebob is.

August 18, 2011

seriously rain, go away: topshop tank top/booties + urban outfitters skirt

THESE THREATENING RAIN clouds can go the EF back to April Showers. It's August in NYC for cryin out loud. Where's the sun? Where's the warmth? The choking humidity and sweat stained shirts? Jeesh.

Moving on... I LOVE THIS SHIRT. I previously posted it paired (say that 3 times fast!) with Zara culottes. People trend to combo flowy with tight, but flowy + flowy is much sexier. Leave some to the imagination girls :-) And isn't this heart print sweet and sugary?

Heart Top + Booties: TopShop
 Black Lace Skirt: Urban Outfitters
 Belt: Vintage! Dooney & Burke

August 16, 2011

i must say the mind reels: breakfast at tiffanys, brooklyn bridge park

SOMETIMES, ALL YOU need is bottle of wine (or 2... What? It wasn't my fault was @Stotto's fault. SERIOUSLY), Breakfast at Tiffany's and Audrey⎯we're totally on a first name basis, #jealous? #iwish...

Do you mind if I just get in with you for a little bit? It's alright. We're friends, that's all.


August 15, 2011

rain rain go away: one shoulder floral + vintage boots

OH, IT'S RAINING? Does that mean I can't wear my one-shoulder-hey-this-dress-reminds-me-of-Pebbles-from-the-Flintsones dress? NO. But, you already knew the answer to that question :-)

Despite the weather, you still have time to rock your shoulders before the leaves fall. Now, get to clicking!

ASOS sale is #killingmesoftly

ASOS One Shoulder
Rare Floral Ruffle
Paprika Chiffon

One Shoulder Floral Dress: Nameless
Boots: Vintage!

August 11, 2011

big stripes: h&m striped tee + diy jean shorts

DON'T YOU LOVE stripes and jean shorts? Me too! Obviously...

I was wearing this BIG STRIPED shirt while walking in the EVil last summer when a Mickey Rourke looking fellow (quite dapper actually, and if by dapper you mean 80's rocker with a full beard and RUSH tee) said, "Nice shirt!"

I wonder if his mind took him the inmate route, rather than the nautical... Either way, "Thanks!"

August 10, 2011

shoegasm: alice + olivia leopard juliet platform sandal

SOLD OUT? CURSE you shoe gods, for you have forsaken me and my destiny! And I was JUST talking about how to successfully integrate animal print into a classy girl's wardrobe. U.G.H.

Luckily I stumbled upon these lovelies via ASOS:
And I'm very happy :-)


August 9, 2011

animal print fever: topshop top + forever 21 shorts

TRASHY ANIMAL PRINTS are the reason I stayed away for sososo long. You know what/who I'm talking about... Body-con animal print dresses? Too short⎯woah there, I can see ev-er-y-th-ing⎯animal print skirts? NONONO! Shield your fashion forward eyes!

August 8, 2011

jakenna as a bridesmaid: in aubergine

ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID. Actually, this was my first time being a bridesmaid and I have to say, it was kinda dope. The dresses were⎯gasp and totally against bridesmaid horror storiescute! Did you know Aubergine was a color? Neither did I! But that was the color of my dress and I was

And I'm so happy for my big brother and his fiance-turned-wife! They make me believe in true love :-)

More photos to come! And of the actual bride + groom, jeesh you'd think this blog was all about me...


August 2, 2011

inspiration board: oh so coco rocha + zac posen

Voted #1 on Vogue's 10 Best Dressed list this week!
IT'S REALLY DIFFICULT not to Coco Rocha. I'm going to use the tackiest best word to describer her: energy. She just... has it. And you're just... drawn to her.
AND she was discovered at an Irish dance competition in 2002. Making her the coolest person EVER to emerge from an Irish dancing competition. Ga'head girl.

August 1, 2011

hipsterish: j brand skinny jeans + urban outfitters tank top

AH BRIGHT RED jeans to brighten my day. I mean literally, these pants are so neon blinding right now, I had no choice but to combo them with an equally luminescent tank top. DAY GLOW OR GO HOME.

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