August 9, 2011

animal print fever: topshop top + forever 21 shorts

TRASHY ANIMAL PRINTS are the reason I stayed away for sososo long. You know what/who I'm talking about... Body-con animal print dresses? Too short⎯woah there, I can see ev-er-y-th-ing⎯animal print skirts? NONONO! Shield your fashion forward eyes!

This TopShop top was my FIRST animal print purchase and since it kinda-a little bit-maybe borders on trashy (I mean, what sheer doesn't sometimes?), I combo'd it with structured grey shorts. It's all about balance, ya know? Party on top, business on bottom baby. #lifelesson?

People ask me what I put in that little pocket. Love and dreams and my keys when I'm stumbling home out and about. What? #dontjudgeme #sometimesidrink #jeesh
Anchors keep me, me :-)

Sidebar: I also have this same cut in a different design! Who can say no?
Sidebar II: TopShop printed this same cut with 2 more animal print options: 1: OhMGolly! 2: NO WAY! So, I ask again: WHO CAN SAY NO?

Animal Print Top: TopShop
Shorts: Forever 21
Belt: Vintage!
Anchor Necklace: Gifted from Tom

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