August 1, 2011

hipsterish: j brand skinny jeans + urban outfitters tank top

AH BRIGHT RED jeans to brighten my day. I mean literally, these pants are so neon blinding right now, I had no choice but to combo them with an equally luminescent tank top. DAY GLOW OR GO HOME.


Ok, they're not quite day glow, but I just like saying dayglow.dayglow.dayglow.dayglow. And now it sounds like Diego Lo. Ha.

You might remember these tomato red jeans from my 4th of July post, where I chose stripes to show my patriotism. I mean, if you're not going to wear stripes on the 4th, you might as well get the ef out of my BBQ. And no apple pie for you. They're on the flag for crying out loud.
And don't you love this ring? ME TOO!

Both J Brand and Rag & Bone are nuts on bright hues at ze moment. And TopShop is selling the trend too. And for less, yay!

Red Jeans: J Brand
Tank Top: Urban Outfitters
Wayfarers: Ray Bans
Cyclops ring: Cusp

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