October 27, 2011

autumn attire: topshop sweater + uniqlo corduroy pants

IT'S SO OFFICIAL. Autumn is here and I've broken out my staples: Scarves. Boots. Blazers.

Monochromatic-ism is fun! I wanted to play up this dope men's scarf, so I went the gray-black route. Also, sometimes I get addicted to things... I don't know if you've noticed (ahem, J Brand red jeans). Currently, it's these combat boots. NON-STOP. They're so perfect for this weather!

What are you wearing this Autumn?
Blazer: Express
Sweater: TopShop
Corduroy Pants: Uniqlo
Combat Boots: Steven Madden

October 25, 2011

one.last.summer.look: american apparel sheer shirt + bb dakota dress

YOU MAY RECOGNIZE these elements from an earlier post as I seem to have fallen in love with this shirt.dress.combo. It's a healthy relationship. I'm not worried. Should I be worried? NO, I'm not worried. This is the first time I've buttoned a collar all the way up. And no one forgets their first.
Now, how to winterize...
Dress: Jack for BB Dakota


October 20, 2011

music city: drive, the soundtrack + m83, hurry up we're dreaming

STICKY SONGS ARE the best, right? The ones that you play over and over and over and over again during a 3 day period. And then again and again and again and then they somehow end up on every playlist for the rest of the year. Yeah, that's happening with these:

Kavinsky, Nightcall: Drive Original Soundtrack

M83, Midnight City: Hurry Up We're Dreaming

October 19, 2011

autumn pastels: ben sherman chambray + american apparel peaches

I'M SORRY WHAT? It's October? How did that happen? Well, can I still wear pastels? Ok then. DONE.

GOOSEBUMPS! And I don't mean the wildly thrilling and expertly written children's horror stories, I mean the precious results on a chilly Autumn day.

SIDEBAR: Ben Sherman has THE BEST CHAMBRAY SHIRTS. I ♥ many features: the backwards buttons on men's collared shirts, the slim fit, the cool color, I could go on... the versatility, the-button-spacing-is-sexy-on-a-woman, the...

Chambray Shirt: Ben Sherman
Jeans: American Apparel
Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider


October 17, 2011

frilly layered penguin: express blazer + american apparel top + bb dakota dress

THIS MIGHT BE my favorite outfit of the moment. Break it down! 30% because I feel like a penguin on top, 30% because I feel like a frilly girl on bottom, 30% because layering is a great American pastime. If my great American math serves me correctly, that leaves 10%. And boos and babes, it goes to... I like it, it works, but it looks kinda wrong, but that's why I like it and I think that's why it works. That's worthy of 10%. NICE. Logic wins every time.

Blazer + Bag: Express
Sheer Top: American Apparel
Dress: Jack for BB Dakota
Black Bowtie Pumps: Gap
Sunnies: Ray Ban

October 14, 2011

boot weather: all saints, distressed + weathered

IT'S BOOT WEATHER BABY! And that means a trip to All Saints for my favorite, distressed and weathered footwear. Which ones do you like? 

Glitter it is :-) I don't know if I've ever seen such a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine. Gorgeous darling.


October 13, 2011

80 degrees & kicking: urban outfitters dress + ben sherman chambray + 80%20 wedges

THIS PAST WEEKEND proved that NYC can still see 80 degree weather in October! WE MUST CELEBRATE! And I did, with one of my fav summer dresses (you've seen this beaut before, howdy!) and a pair of rainbow-colored wedges.

I covered my shoulders with a borrowed chambray shirt to tomboy my style up a bit. And did you notice those sexy scarred knees? Yeah. You like it. Climbing trees and sliding into home base will do that to ya :-)

Shirt: Ben Sherman Chambray
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: 80%20


October 11, 2011

ready.set.go: anthropologie dress + topshop velvet wedges

REMEMBER THAT TIME I was obsessed with my TopShop velvet wedges? Well, it's now. I'm obsessed NOW.

And surprisingly, I've only purchased one item from Anthropologie and it's this darling dress. I've worn this number to Broadway shows, dinner parties and interviews. It's like a pink LBD! Multifunctional. Classic. Chic.
Dress: Anthropologie
Blazer: Express
Velvet Wedges + Belt: TopShop


October 5, 2011

even in the dark: max bernetz, an incredible photographer

DON'T WE ALL have essentially the same iPhone? Well, Max Bernetz's is better. Especially at photography. Or maybe it's because he's a dope photographer. Either way, I like these shots and I'm sharing his talents :-)

P.S. Recognize the shirt from Monday's post? LOVING IT.


October 3, 2011

black and gold: topshop sheer top + uniqlo corduroys + gap pumps

PLAYING DRESS UP is fun. Especially when you combine all of your favorite things:

The NYC staple color? BLACK
The trend for Summer/Fall? SHEER
The classic shoe? PUMP >> complete with the cutest bow of ALL TIME.

Check, check and check mate baby. Is there a BLACK SHEER PUMP happening soon? I smell an idea. And it smells fashionably delicious.

Sunnies: Ray Ban


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