November 12, 2011

animal animal: zara animal print tunic + topshop velvet wedges

FIGURING OUT YOUR digs? The best part. When your room resembles a hurricane-tornado-earthquake ripping through your closet and somehow you put together a perfect outfit.

And by perfect, I mean totally inappropriate to be wearing around the East Village on a rando Saturday-day. But this is for SATURDAY-NIGHT!
Let it be noted that this was my first full-scale animal print purchase. Zara. Nice. Also, knee high socks are the perfect solution to the throwing-out-all-of-your-ripped-leggings-and-forgetting-to-buy-more problem. 

Also, you've seen the Topshop velvet wedges from FNO. 

Also, also, meet OWL. She'll be around. 
Dress: Zara
Velvet Wedges: Topshop
Owl Ring: RenaReborn

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