November 9, 2011

holy jeans! topshop jeans + madewell shirt +urban outfitters leather jacket

FULL DISCLOSURE: THESE jeans did not come with holes, they created themselves. Why? Because I wear stuff. And I wear stuff I like... A LOT. Alas, they now serve 2 purposes:

1) Strategically placed air-conditioning vents now provide much needed circulation. We walk a lot in NYC and it's natural to sweat. IT IS.

B) 90's grunge holy jeans and plaid shirt + 80's hair band rocker curls strangely = 2011 NYC gal. You do the math.

And S/O to the cropped leather jacket! The Urban Outfitters sale rack will forever have a place in my heart for this one. You + Me = Us. 

Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Plaid Shirt: Madewell
Jeans: Topshop

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