December 16, 2011

sneak peek: jakenna & max part ii

I CAN'T WAIT to see the finished images!


December 15, 2011

sneak peek: jakenna & max

HERE'S A QUICK sneak peek at what's to come from my shoot with Max Bernetz. We took pics for 7 hours, shot 8 looks and I can happily report that I'm exhausted and exhilarated :-)


December 7, 2011

jakenna and the mom

I actually don't think this could be cuter. Allow me to introduce my mother :-)


December 6, 2011

from formal dresses to american apparel sweatshirts

I LIKE TO diversify my apparel wearing. Hence, dressing down for this post...

Ok, ok, so this might have been an impromptu shoot with my roommate when we were frolicking on Sunday, but whatevs :-)

Sweatshirt: American Apparel
Red Jeans: J Brand
Boots: Vintage! I can't remember the name of the boutique and no amount of Google stalking has resulted in an answer. I'm now convinced it was a lovely dream.

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