December 18, 2012

pink leather: urban outfitters jacket + american apparel top and jeans

Friends. It has been too long. So much has happened these last few months! I moved to Brooklyn (like JayZ is practically my neighbor), I started a new job at The Estee Lauder Companies (beauty products as far as the eye can see!), I went to Peru for two weeks (photos to come!) and most recently, realized that this pearl necklace was actually put on this Earth for me to wear every day. Hizah!

September 25, 2012

pop ice cream: pinky otto polka dot dress

WHEN YOU'RE SURROUNDED by ice cream you can't eat, several thoughts run through your head: Who am I? Do I have the self control to not lick the snozzberries?

But most importantly, what do I wear? I think this super sweet Pinky Otto polka dot dress (w/ adorbs lace collar!) does the trick. And! Thanks to a delicious summer sale, I bought this dress... for free. Yummy, yummy in my tummy :)


September 14, 2012

the designers who got the most social media buzz during new york fashion week

CURIOSITY LEADS TO fun times. My coworker, Amy Gershkoff (aka analytics GENIUS) and I thought: So... everyone is using social media. But which designers are using it well, connecting with their fans and actually gaining traction? We followed 30 designers, analyzed their activity, created a super cute infographic and seeded the piece in Business Insider. Doesn't it feel good when professional and personal lives collide in the best possible way? YES!

August 31, 2012

stylelist + jakenna changing: 1 turtleneck, 6 looks

IS IT CHEESY to say that I almost teared up while reading and clicking through my Stylelist featureChristina Anderson, the Fashion Editor, writes beautifully and somehow makes me sound... well, like me. Or the me I hope to live up to someday :) And Raydene Salinas takes the most stellar pictures. Thank you both so much, for a fun- and fashion-filled day!

Full Feature: 6 Ways A Turtleneck Crop Top Can Take Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall


August 29, 2012

mango jackets: under $100

I JUST BOOKED a trip to Peru (aaaaahhyayayayy) and I'm moving to Brooklyn in October. Read: I have a very teeny tiny budget for anything fashion/clothes related. So, I went on a mission: Operation Find Fall Jackets That Rock Your Face But Not Your Bank Account. Observe. 3 Mango jackets for day/night/anytimeyouwanttolookawesome.

Gold Hardware Biker Jacket: Pair w/skinny jeans. Zip it up. Exclamation point with bright pumps.
Smoking Suit Jacket in Orange: Matching shorts! I can look like the Kate Moss of oranges!?
Zipper Jacket in White: Resist the urge to zip up. Leave open, pair w/a cobalt blue tank, be happy.


August 23, 2012

snoozerloser + jakenna changing

SECRETLY, I'VE ALWAYS wanted to be a witch. From ages 6-11, I was a witch for Halloween. Hocus Pocus might as well play as background music to my life. Sabrina? My role model--wait, you flick your wrist and your room is clean? Jeal.So, when Sonia Tay, the design mind behind SnoozerLoser, asked me to work with her on a witch-themed fall collection, my nose twitched and my mind conjured up the glorious scene of Jack, the pumpkin king, singing to the moon from a curled mountaintop.And in reality, the shoot was more than I could have imagined. Sonia has an incredible eye and her taste for skeleton themed, silk-screened dresses and blouses goes right along my addiction to biological anthropology. Skull, don't be jealous. I'll be posting separate looks of my favorite pieces in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout, my friends :)

August 14, 2012

summer vibes: yumi kim tank + topshop dress

FRESH OFF MY trip from Chicago and I must say... it feels good to be home :) Even though it's cloudy and humid and threatening rain and I've already been cat-called by construction workers, NYC is a special city to come home to. It's nice to see you again, old friend. 

Top: Yumi Kim
Skirt (Syke, it's a dress!): Topshop
Studded Platforms: Topshop

July 31, 2012

collaborations: designer/photographer, yan shur

YOU'VE SEEN ME wear Red jeans. Pink jeans. Blue jeans. And yes, even Holy Jeans. But when Yan Shur showed me these Gold Metallic jeans, I swear they felt like the very first time (like a viiiiiirririigin). And right then, I knew this would be the beginning of a glorious, glorious friendship.

Fabric: Same as Zara's gold, but the hand-feel is softer
Design: Unique back pocket design, distinctive front pocket/out seam stitching, "baby" nipple rivets


July 26, 2012

stylelist's beauty street style: that's me!

ON MONDAY, I heard this polite voice behind me say, "Excuse me, I'm with AOL. Can I snap your photo and feature you on our beauty blog, Stylelist?" Like music to my ears. 

Raydene Salinas, you stylish bird, thank you so much for stopping me!


July 23, 2012

jakenna 2.0: topshop + steve madden

SOMETIMES BEING A secret agent spy affects my wardrobe choices. JaKenna! We need you in Bogota to assassinate the world's most deadliest man. ON IT! Oh wait, can I grab my combat boots? My outfit really isn't the same without them and I don't think I can effectively kick with sling back peep toes... This blog post will self destruct in 10 seconds. 

Lace Bustier: Victoria's Secret
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