January 31, 2012

laces: zara knee high socks + urban outfitters skirt

MGMT'S ELECTRIC FEEL came on while shooting this outfit and my body... it started a'twitchin and a'movin and I jumped back to 2008-just-graduated-Duke-and-drove-with-windows-down-in-the-jeep-BLASTING-that-ish-JaKenna. #Memories.

I've been wearing this Urban Outfitters skirt at least twice/week since I bought the damn thing 2 years ago (see! see!). It's the bestie and I heart pairing lace + lace for a play on textures. Nice depth.

Top: Forever 21 (syke it's a dress!)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Knee High Socks: Zara
Velvet Wedges: TopShop


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