February 27, 2012

latchkeys live: you will be saved

LATCHKEYS LIVE! WHAT'S that? Your ears are tickled with "You Will Be Saved" and you can't get it out of your head? Aw shucks.

Pics of both our performance and my outfit will be posted soon :-)


February 14, 2012

February 13, 2012

birthday birthday

I'M STARTING TO test options for my birthday party in a few weeks! This dress might be too "holiday-ey," but I love-r the beading!

I also spy-with-my-little-eye this Aidan Mattox Beaded Dress via Saks Fifth Avenue and this adorbs Patra Embellished Tank Dress via Nordstrom.

The question is, do I want to be sweet & lovely or chic & edgy for my bday? Decisions...

Beaded Dress: Gifted from my mama
Cape Coat: Forever 21
Velvet Weges: TopShop


February 10, 2012

February 8, 2012

duke vs unc: godukegodukegoduke

YOU MIGHT NOT think Fashion and Sports have much in common. First, I disagree. Second, so does this guy.


February 7, 2012

jason wu for target + new york girl style

WELL I'VE DONE it again. Falling in love. When will I learn? Here are my chosen favorites from the Jason Wu for Target collection. I mean woah.

 Poplin Dress in Navy: Hiiiiiiii 4th of July dress. Nice to meet you.

 Flared Dress in Black with Nude Patent Belt: LBD meets modern NYC.

 Flared Dress in Cream with Black Patent Belt: AND IT COMES IN WHITE?

If your eyes are curious, read my piece for New York Girl Style: Jason Wu Launch for Target Star Studded with Blake Lively


February 6, 2012

instagram: fashion + reflections + audi

the only snow
glass reflecting glass
double take
9th & B
new skirt crush
floral reflections in the east village
latchkeys rehearsal w/the big brother
the good life
triple take


February 3, 2012

you tease: jakenna & max

A QUICK SAMPLE of posts to come...


February 2, 2012

the staples: rachel roy dress

HOW FUNNY IS my hair in that first pic? Ha. Sometimes the wind works against you :-)

Rachel Roy dress. I LOVER the shape.

FUN FACT! I bought this dress to wear the day after mybirthdayparty last year. I knew the scotch to water ratio would trend heavily in the scotch direction and I thought being fashionably prepared the next morning would reduce my chances of being late to work... It didn't, in case you were wondering. But anyway, 1 year later, I'm planning my next bday party and still happily wearing this dress.

Dress: Rachel Roy
Belt + Coat: Forever 21
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