March 15, 2012

the ides of march: et tu brute?

I'VE ALWAYS BEEN fascinated with the Ides of March. Besides being a Shakespeare lover (and I say that with the utmost pretension...JK, but seriously that dude is responsible for our modern language), I'm also intrigued by Caesar's ignoring of his murderous prophecy. If it were me, I probably would've hidden in my bed while watching MadMen and eating pints and pints of ice cream until midnight rang and the Ides of March were officially done-so.

But this also makes me think about how many times I've ignored my intuition and ultimately regretted a decision. Well, not exactly regretted... more like screamed DOH! whilst slapping my forehead.

Note to self: must trust self.

Anyway! In the spirit of this Roman remembrance, I've chosen a few of my top SUMMER choices inspired by the great empire... with a twist. Obvi :-)


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