May 23, 2012

rocknrolla: american apparel chiffon + topshop jeans

BLACK STUDDED BOOTSCheckBlack shirt. CheckBlack pantsCheck. Actually they're Navy... but dah-ha! Black & white pictures win again.

May 19, 2012

east village romping: pinky otto culottes + steve madden virrtues

LEAPING + BOUNDING! I thought: "This cabbie must think I'm ca-razy! Jumping in the street to get these shots. HA!" And then I realized that a girl jumping in the street is the sanest thing dude has seen all day. #NYC

May 17, 2012

stylish bird: ally

ALLY MANN LIGHTS up a room. She's brighter than her orange blouse, funnier than 80% of the people I know and has a style that combines her Mid-West sensibility + DC practicality + NYC risk taking ability. What's not to love?

Where did you get your look?

Top: J Crew
Pants: Zara
Platforms: Forever21
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Gifted
Glasses: Warby Parker
Ring: Jeweler in Belfast, UK
Bracelets: An Athens street market

What drew you to your outfit?
I needed an outfit that could take me straight from the office to an event.

What is your favorite part?
The statement collar necklace. It was a gift from my wonderful roommate and it adds a little sparkle to my outfit… and my cubicle!

What is your strength?
My outgoingness and approachability.

Your vice?
Reality TV. The trashier the better. I’ve definitely vegged on the weekends and blown through seasons of Russian Dolls and Mob Wives… yes those are real shows.

Your resolution for tomorrow?
Prioritize and be productive.

May 9, 2012

one shirt, one love: american apparel chiffon button-up

AFTER "TAKING THE month of April off from blogging" (read: working like a crazy person/kicking serious a-town at my new job), I'm back! Staying up to write blog posts is wayyyyy better than sleeping. I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm. So. Scared. Thanks for that Jesse Spano. 

Moving along...

My upcoming posts will feature this simple, American Apparel chiffon button-up worn in a variety of ways. Why? Because I often look at my overflowing closet and like many of you, scream: UUGGGHHHH I HAVE NOTHING TO WEARRRR! But I do. We all do. We just need a little creativity to help us through the hard times.

Quick accessories breakdown!
Ring: Gifted from my secret neighborhood store. Sssshhhh :)
Shoes: Marni. I LOVE THEM. And now you do, too. The peep of purple sets my heart ablaze.
Sparkly Tie: C'mon. You know why.

Chiffon Oversized Button-Up: American Apparel
Lace Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Knee High Socks: Zara
Platforms: Marni
Ring: Gifted from my secret neighborhood store :)
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