May 19, 2012

east village romping: pinky otto culottes + steve madden virrtues

LEAPING + BOUNDING! I thought: "This cabbie must think I'm ca-razy! Jumping in the street to get these shots. HA!" And then I realized that a girl jumping in the street is the sanest thing dude has seen all day. #NYC

Culottes (aka women's pants cut like a skirt). All the rage. They say so much (What? Purple snakeskin doesn't do it for you?), so I like to keep the rest of the look simple. I'll also pair with a black tank for a nighttime look and am always just as hippie-pleased with myself.

P.S. Do you spy SKULL hiding in the accessories pic? Sometime she's my inner shy coming through. Belie' dat.

Culottes: Pinky Otto
Tank: TopShop
Belt: Vintage Christian Dior
Sunnies: Stolen Acquired from Coachella

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