August 23, 2012

snoozerloser + jakenna changing

SECRETLY, I'VE ALWAYS wanted to be a witch. From ages 6-11, I was a witch for Halloween. Hocus Pocus might as well play as background music to my life. Sabrina? My role model--wait, you flick your wrist and your room is clean? Jeal.So, when Sonia Tay, the design mind behind SnoozerLoser, asked me to work with her on a witch-themed fall collection, my nose twitched and my mind conjured up the glorious scene of Jack, the pumpkin king, singing to the moon from a curled mountaintop.And in reality, the shoot was more than I could have imagined. Sonia has an incredible eye and her taste for skeleton themed, silk-screened dresses and blouses goes right along my addiction to biological anthropology. Skull, don't be jealous. I'll be posting separate looks of my favorite pieces in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout, my friends :)

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