September 25, 2012

pop ice cream: pinky otto polka dot dress

WHEN YOU'RE SURROUNDED by ice cream you can't eat, several thoughts run through your head: Who am I? Do I have the self control to not lick the snozzberries?

But most importantly, what do I wear? I think this super sweet Pinky Otto polka dot dress (w/ adorbs lace collar!) does the trick. And! Thanks to a delicious summer sale, I bought this dress... for free. Yummy, yummy in my tummy :)


September 14, 2012

the designers who got the most social media buzz during new york fashion week

CURIOSITY LEADS TO fun times. My coworker, Amy Gershkoff (aka analytics GENIUS) and I thought: So... everyone is using social media. But which designers are using it well, connecting with their fans and actually gaining traction? We followed 30 designers, analyzed their activity, created a super cute infographic and seeded the piece in Business Insider. Doesn't it feel good when professional and personal lives collide in the best possible way? YES!

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