June 17, 2014

jakenna {changing} + humans of new york!

"When I was little, he’d always let me stand on his feet when we walked in the ocean, because I was so afraid of jellyfish."

IT FINALLY HAPPENED. That moment every New Yorker dreams of: being randomly stopped on the street by Brandon of HUMANS OF NEW YORK, having your photo taken and saying something completely heartwarming that everyone immediately relates to. {Insert obligatory and auditory EEK}

What's beautiful about this photo is the sheer pride my father and I are both exuding for one another. And reflecting on the jellyfish memory gives us a perspective on the journey we've both taken since those days. I still hate jellyfish, but I do know that he will support me in conquering my fears and realizing my hopes, dreams and aspirations. May that be fending off stings or helping me find what it is I'm looking for. Shall we say here that love conquers all? Indeed.

And bonus: we look supa stylish :)


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