August 21, 2014

barcelona, spain: antoni gaudi + sagrada familia

There are many questions running through your mind when you see the Sagrada Familia for the first time. Where am I? What kind of Alice in Wonderland hole have I tumbled down? What is this place? And these questions are all valid. And completely sane.
This basilica is unlike any place I've visited. Ever. The Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi, defined his aesthetic by blending nature with structure and pure wonder. Doesn't it look like you're walking through a forest in those images? The columns, with branches stemming into the ceiling and boasting stunning bejeweled knots in their stone bark, stand tall and are anything but imposing. Rather, they simply welcome you into their forest with the right balance of natural and colorful light bouncing through the stained glass windows.
The outside facades greet you. One side, a full recreation of the nativity, life and death of Jesus. The other facade, appears gothic and frightening, but is actually representing a celebration of his life. Those of you who know me well know that I do not subscribe to a religion, but it's hard to deny the beauty in its story telling.
Every inch is a symbol and has meaning. All there's left to do is stand and gaze in awe and wonder. And maybe start drawing.

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