August 11, 2014

copenhagen fashion week: mads nørgaard + nicholas nybro

Within 2 hours of arriving in Copenhagen, I was already at my first runway show for Copenhagen Fashion Week. Oh, not because I was supposed to. But because my friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend connect in Copenhagen, Conrad (pictured: photo 3), invited me to join. What an adventure. Mads Nørgaard was first and I loved the denim, white and black. Classic. Not to mention snapping pics of apparent Danish celebrities. The conversation would go like this: Don't mind me. Can I take your picture? Oh me? I'm with Conrad... You know him, right? He knows everybody! Yes, I loved the show.

I also bought a skirt from the label, so be on the lookout for the piece in my next style post.

Next stop was Nicholas Nybro and the amazing technicolor collection at The Jewelry Room showcase. The pieces made me rethink all of the black I packed. You know me :)

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