August 5, 2014

day 2: copenhagen, denmark to malmo, sweden

I made it to Copenhagen! And as an unexpected bonus, Norwegian Air surprised me with a first class upgrade. Miss, you're in the wrong seat. You're actually supposed to be in first class. Oh am I!? Well then, I'll just mosey on up to my seat then... Oh yes, I'd love a glass of Merlot with dinner. How thoughtful of you.
Despite the lovely accommodations, I still only managed an hour of sleep and landed in Copenhagen exhausted. But that good kind of exhaustion that transforms into inexplicable amounts of energy and excitement. I'm in Scandanavia FCOL! I can't let a little sleepiness deter me.
And since Malmo, Sweden is so close, I actually decided to spend the day/night there. Many a street wandering and camera-ing occurred. A brightly colored lighthouse breathed new energy into my tired bones, vintage inspired painted advertising gave me just a twinge of nostalgia, a statuesque street band and lost library awakened my creativity and a stroll at dusk showed me the slightly eerier side of Malmo. Beautiful.
Headed back to Copenhagen now. JaKenna Changing {Continents} is only just beginning.

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