August 13, 2014

days 3-7: copenhagen steals my heart

Copenhagen. You stole my heart! Now what am I supposed to do? I had this whole traveling adventure starting in Barcelona and a last minute flight delay and quick decision rerouted me to you. And now you're all I can think about. Let's talk about Copenhagen.
I first thought my connection to the city was because of its similarities to New York. I felt at home there. The hustle of the city, prevelance of hipsters (they're global!), focus on fine culinary arts, etc. But now, I know it's because of who I met and how much they welcomed me into their lives. No hesitation. Just warmth and curiosity. And I went along for the ride, armed with only my camera and a willingness to immerse myself. Musicians, artists, creatives, thoughtful thinkers who value discussing art, culture, music, life philosophies, political strife, revolution, anything stimulating. Almost everyone I met is pursuing a masters in their field, always deepening their understanding and continuing to learn. It's an impressive dedication to higher education.
And bonus! They're also down to party. I didn't sleep the entire time. I'm not kidding. My jet lag has now been replaced by Copenhagen energy levels that I'm still recovering from. But I miss it. I really do. And every person that I met while I was there. Most significantly my two Airbnb hosts, Chris (photos 6 and 9) and Nick (photos 4 and 5). Thank you both for the most rad experience. From the Rolling Stones to Elton John, super moons to super villains, long nights to long days. I knew I was home when you left me a copy of The Prophet to read during my stay. I can't thank you enough for your kindness, generosity, hospitality and friendship. Should I come back in September? Rock on!

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