August 24, 2014

figueres, spain: salvador dali museum

My older brother, Thomas, first introduced me to Salvador Dali when I was 12. He had a book of Dali's work in his room and I would sit and stare at the surrealism in front of me. Beautiful, creepy, multi-dimensional, grotesque, completely enthralling and addicting. His work has always stayed with me. In college, instead of the usual dorm room adornments, I had Hallucinogenic Torreador, Swans Reflecting Elephants, Meditative Rose and Galatea of the Spheres framed and hanging on my walls. I once had a very peculiar evening with one of his paintings that only my closest friends are privy to... And I intend to keep it that way (insert mischievous smile here).
I jumped at the opportunity to visit his home town in Figueres, Spain, where he built the world's most intense surrealist museum. Seeing his work first hand reminded of those moments in my brother's room when I was young. As if I was seeing it all for the first time again. The more I lost myself in his work, the more I would discover. Doors within doors within doors and levels within levels within levels. At times, I'd have it figured it out, or so I thought, until I saw something completely new when looking through my camera lens.
It's an incredible moment of discovery when you realize there is so much more to discover. Endless. In a way, this entire trip seems that way. As if there are endless doors and adventures to discover. And the beautiful part is, there are.

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