August 4, 2014

jakenna changing {continents} day 1: nyc to copenhagen

Those of you who have spoken with me over the last year know that I have been ideating ways to get back to Spain since I left last September. So, when I was unexpectedly able to take 3 months off between leaving the Estée Lauder Companies and beginning a new position this fall, my first thought was: fly to Spain! And that was my plan up until 1 hour ago.

I arrived at JFK expecting to board a flight to Stockholm and connecting to Spain (I know that's a roundabout way, but tickets were cheaper!). But the universe decided to delay that flight to an ungodly hour and after several conversations with Norwegian Air and a changed ticket to Barcelona via Copenhagen, I thought: hold the pickles, what schedule am I trying to keep? It turns out, I'm on no one's time but my own. Reroute! I'm going to Copenhagen for a week and Barcelona next week. Adventuring begins now.

Farewell to my beautiful friends and family in NYC and my lovely and feisty feline, Kingsley. Thank you for the send off. I'll be thinking of you along my travels.


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