I once saw a very stylish, very understated girl wearing a black, wide-legged jumpsuit with lace trim. I fell in love, both with her look and her jumper. I spent three straight days scouring the internet for that jumper. Calling boutiques, emailing the designer, each explaining that my best bet was to search for the out-of-production-damnit jumper on eBay. It was... NOT on eBay. FINALLY, I found it. In West Yorkshire, UK
(Amelie Boutique). 
£30 express shipping, 2 business days and 1 weekend later, 

And that's when I knew personal style was more than an interest. Rather, an obsession. And so came 
the inspiration for this blog.

Born and raised in Rock Falls, IL with my Mother+3Siblings+Meeko+StepDad, with frequent visits to NYC to visit my Brooklyn-ite Father+2Siblings+StepMom. I graduated from Duke University in 2008, moved to the East Village and realized the air of confidence→promise→beauty wafting from the city lights was going to trap me for life.  

As a day job, I'm a Digital Strategist.
At nighttime, my eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen... JK, that's what happens to SEAL! I, on the other hand, and am a wandering eyed globe trotter, adventure haver and style blogger
looking for the missing pieces to my wardrobe.  

LBDs, classic cuts, high heels, low light, cityscapes, skeleton jewelry, hued nails, old movies, old books, new movies, new books, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Stargazer Lilies
and obvi stargazing

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